Bret Wills is an award-winning still life photographer and a film and video director. Known for his beautiful lighting, keen eye, and excellent problem solving skills, Bret has created images for clients big and small such as Absolut, American Express, AT&T, Rolex, Cartier, L'Oreal, Mastercard, Starbucks, Dell, IBM, Crown Royal, Delta Airlines, Pepsi and many others.

Bret's photography has been recognized by Communication Arts, Graphis, Archive, The One Show and others. Bret photographed, produced and co-wrote the book, "Baseball Archaeology–Artifacts of the Great American Game" published by Chronicle Books in San Fransisco.

Bret grew up on an avocado grove in Southern California where he first became interested in photographing nature and his surroundings. He went on to attend Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, graduating with honors and a degree in advertising illustration. Directly afterward he moved to NYC to begin his career.