July News

horn section photography by bret wills

horn section

vintage typewriter photography by bret wills

hunting and pecking

pretty girl photography by bret wills

clouds in my glasses

gliders photography by bret wills

Victor Foxtrot launching, others in the queue

soaring club ©2014 bret wills

child labor

lakes ©2014 bret wills

Southern Westchester and Western Mass

rollfast vintage bike photo ©2014 bret wills

self explanatory

 getting wild at amusement park ©2014 bret wills

unusual attitudes

kid photo ©2014 bret wills


diner photo ©2014 bret wills

somewhere along the Taconic Parkway

yellow flowerw ©2014 bret wills

shaker flowers

frogger video game and grinders ©2014 bret wills

grinders, a view, and frogger

weber bbq grill ©2014 bret wills

(weber) kettle corn

ice cream stand photo

ice cream

schwinn bike © 2014 bret wills


unassisted © 2014 bret wills

kid's first unassisted landing, and putting the tug away for the night

bash bish falls ©2014 bret wills

ranked #3 (world's most dangerous tourist attractions)

letter openers ©2014 bret wills

looking sharp

amusements ©2014 bret wills


mason jar cocktail picture ©2014 bret wills


swimming hole photo ©2014 bret wills

dark water

champion spark plugs ©2014 bret wills

fun at the field

block and tackle photo ©2014 bret wills

block and tackle

green gourd © 2014 bret wills


architectural photo © 2014 bret wills

hudson NY

band juke joint © 2014 bret wills

concert in the park

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