March News

snack that smiles back ©2014 bret wills

he wouldn't be smiling if he knew what happens next

torn and frayed ©2014 bret wills

torn and frayed

frank chevrolet ©2014 bret wills

frank chevrolet

streak in the sky ©2014 bret wills


lemon tarte ©2014 bret wills

fairly tart

poached and pureed ©2014 bret wills

eating healthy (this month)

black coffee ©2014 bret wills


evening snow squall ©2014 bret wills

snow squall

snowy hollow ©2014 bret wills

sleepy hollow

old and a bit of new ©2014 bret wills

old bridge with a bit of the new

long night up reading

up late reading

spring santa massacre

santa family massacre

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